One More Time! Bypass Ragnarok Online 2 SEA Country Block

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Dragon Nest SEA, Step-By-Step Guide, How To Register Or Sign-Up Successfully ~ Free Play MMO

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Drakensang Online Close Beta In Friendster

Drakensang Online In Friendster Drakensang Online is currently in Close Beta in Friendster.

Drakensang Online Close Beta In Friendster

Drakensang Online In Friendster Drakensang Online is currently in Close Beta in Friendster.

Drakensang Online Close Beta In Friendster

Drakensang Online In Friendster Drakensang Online is currently in Close Beta in Friendster.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Assault Fire → Tank Battle, Search & Destroy, TDM & More

Assault Fire → Tank Battle, Search & Destroy, TDM & More

Tank Battle

In my most recent game of Assault Fire, I had the chance of playing the Tank Battle Mode. It was my first time playing Tank Battle and it was awesome.

Targeting was kinda tricky. For example, I had the enemy tank on target but I would sometimes miss because my attack was short or out of range.

Moving the tank was also kinda tricky because the body of the tank turns differently from the main gun. The main gun turns by moving the mouse but the tank turns by press the A or D keys.

Search & Destroy

This game mode is very similar to Counter-Strike. It even has a map that looks exactly like one of the popular DUST maps.


TDM means Team Deathmatch and this is a very common match found in almost all multiplayer online first-person shooters.

Khan Online → Grinding For Ki

Khan Online → Grinding For Ki

Grinding For Ki

Ki is very important in Khan Online. It's actually more important than experience points or Exp because Ki is used to increase character stats.

Since Khan Online doesn't really have any quest except for the one in Wroclaw, grinding for Ki and Exp is just one of the few things I can do as a player in the game.

Also, it's called grinding because it's literally is a grind. Khan Online is a very grind heavy MMORPG. If you are not into grinding and if you find grinding boring and not fun then you will not enjoy playing Khan Online.

Recently, I spent an hour killing Bug Bears, Carons, Broos and other monsters in Wroclaw but I still wasn't able to raise my character's level from 48 to 49.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Andarasa Online → Kill 15 Goblin Captains, Tab Targeting & More

Andarasa Online → Kill 15 Goblin Captains, Tab Targeting & More

Kill 15 Goblin Captains

The last quest my character did before I ended the recording. It was not a difficult quest. In fact, it ended quickly because I was using my characters one and only skill to dispatch the Goblin Captains.

My character also had over 90 red potions. Even if the Goblin Captains gang-up on him, the chance that he would die or get killed was very slim or none at all.

Tab Targeting

Targeting a monster can be done by simply clicking on the monster and attacking it but, sometimes, clicking to target a monster doesn't work because of lag or other factors.

If click targeting is difficult then tab targeting is a good alternative. I just press the Tab key and my character targets the monsters nearest him.

Andarasa Online → Daynard, Squirrel, Accorn & More

Andarasa Online → Daynard, Squirrel, Accorn & More


Elfym told my character to talk to Daynard. Daynard is like a mage or something. A sorcerer? It doesn't matter. He is a Non-Player Character and my character had to talk to him.


For some unknown reason, Daynard turned my character into a squirrel. He said it was a mistake but was it really a mistake or was he simply abusing his magically powers? I honestly don't have any answer to that question. LOL.


To change my character back to normal, Daynard ordered my character to get one accord from a tree outside of the city or town. I don't if the quest was important or not but my character had no choice but to do it. If not then he'll be stuck as a squirrel forever.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Andarasa Online → Elfym's Favor, Yukiyuki, Goblin Fighter Axe & More

Andarasa Online → Elfym's Favor, Yukiyuki, Goblin Fighter Axe & More

Elfym's Favor

Elfym is a Non-Player Character and she is an elf. I don't really know what she is. She looks like an elf and she looks like a girl. I could be wrong.

The favor was to get a Goblin Fighter's Axe from a Goblin Fighter. Of course, my character had to kill a few Goblin Fighters before he got a Goblin Fighter's Axe.


Elfym asked my character to play Rock, Paper and Scissors with Yukiyuki because it was bored. I didn't understand the purpose of the quest or mission but I still did it and won in my second try.

Andarasa Online → Follow The Arrow, Goblin Fighters, Auto-Pathing & More

Andarasa Online → Follow The Arrow, Goblin Fighters, Auto-Pathing & More

Follow The Arrow

Navigating the game world is very easy. Besides having an Auto-Pathing feature, the game also has a guide arrow that points to Quest Objectives.

I first encountered this Guide Arrow in the very beginning of the game. It's bright and it works.

Goblin Fighters

The entire town or city is surrounded by hordes and hordes of Goblins. One of the quest or mission my character did was to kill at least 5 Goblin Fighters.

It was not a very difficult quest but I did some difficulty because I wasn't using my one and only skill at that time.


The Guide Arrow is awesome but the Auto-Pathing feature is a whole new level of ease. I'm not a fan of this feature but I will use it if it's available and, in this game, it's available.

Andarasa Online → Character Selection, Warrior Selected, Name Used, Goblins & More

Andarasa Online Gameplay → Character Selection, Warrior Selected, Named Used, Goblins & More

Character Selection

After logging-in, the next thing I did was select my character. Unfortunately, the game doesn't have a character creation feature. It presented me with 4 character classes and I simply selected from it.

The four character classes in the selection are Warrior, Mage, Archer and Cleric. There is also no gender selection.

Warrior Selected

The character class that I selected is the Warrior class. Why? Simple. It's my favorite character class (Knight, Swordman, Barbarian, etc.)

I find melee combat or melee-based characters more challenging and fun-to-play. I'm not saying range and support characters are not fun because they are fun. I just have more fun playing a melee-based character.

Name Used

After selecting my character, I named my character Kabalyero but someone was already using it. WHAT! WHY? Who used my character name? O_o

Because someone used my name, I was forced to use a different name and the name that I used is K4B4LY3R0.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dragonica Mobile Heads Into Official Launch (Press Release)

Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines – July 29, 2015 - Asiasoft announces the official launch of the popular PC turned mobile game, LINE Dragonica Mobile for Android and iOS users.

The mobile action role-playing game will be available for download via LINE Games, Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store in Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. Born from a partnership between Asiasoft and LINE Corporation, LINE Dragonica Mobile adopts the best features from Dragonica PC and optimizes it for the modern mobile gaming experience.

Dragonica PC gamers can now reminisce their favourite moments and battles against the menacing dragon, Elga in Dragonica Mobile. The favourite classes of the game, Warrior, Magician and Thief are also available in this mobile edition. Players can unleash their dragon slaying skills and allow their venturous minds to wonder in the familiar land of dragons through modified game modes like the PvP League, Party Raids and the single-player Adventure mode. LINE Dragonica Mobile also features the fast-paced and exciting combo attacks from its PC version but has simplified the material alchemy, pets, amoury and weaponry systems for the mobile experience.

“We are glad to be able to work with LINE and Funigloo on the release of LINE Dragonica Mobile. With this game, I believe that we can recall ex-Dragonica players in Southeast Asia and help them relive their wonderful memories from Dragonica PC. It will also be a great game for all who love fantasy action RPGs.” said Sherman Tan, Chairman of Asiasoft.

“Asiasoft is a great publishing partner for Southeast Asia. They have been in the market for many years and has ample experience and outreach in the region.” said said Kookhyun Kim, executive manager of Funigloo. “We anticipate great response from Dragonica PC gamers here.”

LINE Dragonica Mobile is developed by South Korean games studio Funigloo and licensed by Gravity Corporation. Co-published by LINE, the game supports log in via LINE ID, LINE friend invite and LINE payment features.

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Friday, July 10, 2015

Music Man Online Gameplay Videos

Music Man Online is a casual multiplayer dancing game where you create a character and makes him or her dance by pressing keys on your keyboard. It's a very simple game with a very simple and easy gameplay that will appeal to a lot of casual gamers out there.

Music Man Online Gameplay Videos

Anyway, I recently got a chance to play in the test server of Music Man Online and, as I was playing, I recorded my gameplay and uploaded it to my YouTube Channel. If you guys are interested in watching me play Music Man Online then simply go to my YouTube Channel.

Close Beta Test of Music Man Online will happen on July 14, 2015 until July 21, 2015. Again, if you are interested in games like Music Man Online then check out the links below.

• Create A New Account →
• Download Music Man Online →

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Heroes Of The Storm Guide - Beating Opponents Easy

Heroes Of The Storm Guide will help you in beating opponents in the game easy.

This is just a quick video to let you guys know about Heroes Of The Storm Guide which is a great guide for those of you who play Blizzard's online team brawler or MOBA, Heroes Of The Storm.

This Heroes Of The Storm Guide will teach you everything you need to know about the game. If you are a newbie looking to get better fast or a veteran player wanting to get even better then this guide is what you need.

To learn more about this Heroes Of The Storm Guide, just check out its link in the description of the video below.

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