Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Drakensang Online Close Beta In Friendster

Drakensang Online In Friendster

Drakensang Online is currently in Close Beta in Friendster. If you're a member of Friendster and you enjoy playing free-to-play browser-based games then you may want to check out Drakensang Online.

Drakensang Online is a fantasy themed browser-based action-MMORPG developed by Bigpoint Berlin and published in many countries by different companies. Now, you can explore the amazing world of Drakensang Online in Friendster.

Drakensang Online In Friendster, A Quick Look

If you don't have a Friendster account but you're interested in playing Drakensang Online then don't worry because you can create a new Friendster account in 30 seconds by simply signing-up using your Facebook account. Of course, you can also sign-up using your e-mail address but signing-up using your Facebook account is faster.

Drakensang Online Is Extremely Easy To Play

Yes, Drakensang Online is extremely easy to play. From character creation to combat, everything about the game is easy. For example, moving your character is done by simply clicking on the ground and combat is started by clicking on the monster you want to kill.

(Screenshot of with Drakensang Online as cover)

Also, Drakensang Online is an action-MMORPG which means tab-targeting or auto-targeting is out of the picture. If you want to attack something in Drakensang Online then you must manually target it first before your character can attack it. Of course, your target must also be in range for your character to hit it.

Graphics, Sounds and Music

Drakensang Online's graphics, sounds and music are very decent for a free-to-play game. If you're looking for amazing graphics that will blow your eyes out of their sockets then Drakensang Online is not the game you're looking for.

Remember, Drakensang Online was first released a couple of years ago which means its graphics is already somewhat dated. Still, the graphics of the game is decent enough to make you play the game without pulling your eyes out.

To give you a quick look at Drakensang Online in Friendster, watch the YouTube video below.

Again, you can play Drakensang Online in Friendster for FREE by clicking on this next link, Drakensang Online in Friendster.


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